What to Expect from the Microsoft Lumia 1030

Looking ahead to the new Nokia Lumia- or Microsoft Lumia handset as it’s now known? There’s been talk of a follow up to the favourite Lumia 1020 model- reportedly named the Lumia 1030. So what can we expect to see from this much anticipated handset when it’s released?

A Bigger, Better Lumia Display

One area which always showed room for improvement from the Lumia 1020 was its display. Whilst the 1020’s 4.5” AMOLED screen was good, it didn’t really pack much of a punch compared to a number of the latest handsets on the market.

Luckily for us, it looks like the Lumia 1030 might just answer the critics by reportedly featuring a 5” full HD 1080p display. This would not just make the screen bigger, but also much sharper than its predecessor, something nobody will be caught moaning about.

The PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack display technology are also set to stick around with the next Lumia handset, meaning that we’ll be seeing nothing but improvement compared to the older Lumia 1020.

A Super 41MP Lumia Camera

The phone’s mighty camera lens was an obvious selling point for the Lumia 1020; its 41 megapixel camera was something to behold, offering never before seen power in a smartphone lens. Its quality was right up there with the best of them, and with a xenon flash, the 1020 camera often felt like a professional DSLR than a smartphone snapper.

This is something fans and shoppers alike would like to see again, and it looks like Microsoft is answering those calls. Set to pack the same 41 megapixel lens, the Lumia 1030 could even venture up to 50 megapixels if some rumours are to be believed. However, it shouldn’t need to change too much to be a success on this front, especially seeing as no other handsets have even come close to matching the 1020’s pixel count as of yet.

The PureView software and Zeiss Optics are once again set to make another appearance on the 1030, but there’s talk of the xenon flash making way for a dual-LED effort. This would definitely disappoint some of the Lumia 1020 fans out there who celebrated the fact that it was one of the few smartphones to boast this feature.

Rumour has it that the 1.2 megapixel front lens will be getting usurped by a 5 megapixel lens, and this is a change we are thrilled to see. This will make all those selfies look better than ever, and with the growth of Snapchat and Instagram, this could well be key to keep customers for Microsoft.

A Fresh Bunch of Microsoft Specs

Being released all the way back in 2012, the Lumia 1020 has now become quite an outdated smartphone, something that this next handset is set to remedy with its new set of internal specs. This will give the new Lumia a much more powerful feel and a real flagship vibe, rather than the half-flagship style shown off with the 1020.

Expect to find 32GB of expandable storage, a quad-core Snapdragon 810 processor, a 2 or possibly 3GB RAM, and a massive 3000mAh battery. This obviously couples the 5” display we mentioned previously, making for a very healthy set of specs from the new Microsoft Lumia device.

A New Windows Phone OS?

The Lumia 1020 packed Windows Phone 8 out of the box, and was then upgradable to 8.1 later on in its lifespan. This time however, the new Microsoft Lumia handset could bring the new Windows 10 OS with it.

Funnily enough, the Windows 10 update will be the same over every Windows device, from phones with 4” screens right up to its smart TVs and computers. This could be released alongside a new device and what better than the Lumia 1030?

Windows 10 is expected to bring a whole new raft of features along with it, as well as a pretty drastic design change. This would mean that whilst the physical design of the 1030 won’t be varying from its predecessor, its software design could look very different.

Advantages for Windows 10 vary from a wider and more diverse range of apps to download, to improved security and better device sharing. This means that any work you’re handling on your Windows powered tablet will be easily accessible on your smartphone and vice-versa.

When will we see the Lumia 1030

The Microsoft Lumia 1030 is still a bit of a mystery for now, and with such a long gap already between itself and its predecessor it really is a bit of a guessing game until Microsoft comes out with an announcement. Leaks do tend to suggest that the Lumia 1030 isn’t too far off however; meaning a Q2 or Q3 release is looking like a possibility, with MWC a very plausible event for an announcement.

As it stands, we definitely can’t wait for official word from Microsoft about the Lumia 1030- hopefully we just don’t have to wait too long for it. Of course, if you don’t fancy waiting, you can always check out our range of Lumia smartphone deals instead!