What's The Deal With The LG G4c?

What's The Deal With The LG G4c?

Now is the time to find out what’s the deal with the LG G4c, as the South Korean technology giant looks to repeat the success of 2014, which saw smartphone sales soar by 25%.

So, will the LG G4c help stack up the numbers as LG aims to surpass its tally of 59 million smartphones sold last year?

A double tap of the rear key launches the camera’s Quick Shot feature, while during calls it can be used for easy one-handed adjustment of the volume.

The slightly curved body incorporates a panel-beaten effect to mimic the metallic body of the more premium LG G4. Factor in the smaller 5-inch display, in comparison to the one used on the LG G4, and it is clear that those looking for a smaller and cheaper alternative will buy the LG G4c.

The tech that drives the LG G4c

The technology inside the LG G4c clearly defines it as a low-to-mid range smartphone, although a year ago this would have been the spec sheet for a premium device.

Who will buy the LG G4c?

A large part of LG’s success in 2014 was due to the popularity of the LG G3. In recognition of this many of the unique design elements of this mobile has been carried forward into the G4 range. In the case of the LG G4c this includes the handy rear key that is positioned to align with the users index finger.

The display uses In-Cell technology to combine two layers of a traditional display into one. This brings images noticeably closer to the surface of the screen while increasing the accuracy of touch operations. The screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, which equates to 294 pixels per inch, gives a high-definition viewing experience.

Inside a 1.3GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM powers the LG G4c that has an 8GB memory for the user and a microSD card slot for expanding the memory by up to 128GB. And, just like the majority of smartphones released in 2015, there is 4G and Wi-Fi internet access, GPS and Bluetooth.

The 2,540mAh battery will provide a day’s use under typical usage patterns, which may include enjoying the impressive musical performance offered by the built in one watt speaker.

All of this tech gets wrapped up in a choice of colour schemes including Ceramic White, Metallic Grey and Shiny Gold. Furthermore the LG G4c is pretty lightweight at 136 grams and far from chubby at 10.2mm thick.

LG G4c

Whilst the G4c might not be quite as powerful as the G4, it still features full 4G connectivity, keeping it up to date with the trend of 2015…

Features of the LG G4c

The LG G4c is certainly feature rich with the Android Lollipop operating system providing access to Google Play. This means that users who don’t want to wait in line for a taxi, can jump the queues by downloading the Uber app from Google Play, as well as any other apps in the extensive Android library.

Potential owners will be teased over to LG’s side of the fence further by the non-stock Android experience that the LG UX 4.0 user interface brings. The interface is simple yet smart and takes a preemptive approach to aiding its owner, and the handset houses a 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor.

Smart Notice learns the user’s habits and usage patterns and will, for example, pre-warn its owner of traffic delays on the typical commute route or provide a weather forecast for places that the phone expects its user to go during the day.

Further intuitive features include Ringtone ID, which allocates individual ringtones to chosen contacts and Glance View, which with a slide of a finger shows notifications without fully activating the display.

For security and privacy protection, the LG G4c offers KNOCK code patterns. This phone unlocking feature has 86,000 possible combinations.

“The technology inside the LG G4c clearly defines it as a low-to-mid range smartphone, although a year ago this would have been the spec sheet for a premium device”.

LG G4c camera

The camera on the LG G4c is rated at 8-megapixels and with 2448 x 3264 pixels captured, there is more definition than the screen can display. This enables picture zooming on the phone without the loss of detail or alternatively the image can be viewed on a PC or laptop for enhancing and editing through free tools such as Paint.net.

Simple, Basic and Manual modes cater for photographers of varying skill levels and the 5MP secondary camera brings with it a wide angle lens for taking group selfies. Hand gestures can be used to activate the shutter, enabling the perfect selfie while the screen illuminates the subject under low-light scenarios.

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