Who are Xiaomi?

Who are Xiaomi?

Xiaomi might seem like a relatively new brand to UK consumers, but the company is already an established tech giant in China and across Asia. In years, Xiaomi sold over 60 million smartphones annually, and thanks to recent ventures into Europe, that number is set to rise.

You'll find Xiaomi smartphones commonplace in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India and even Brazil. Thanks to a recent partnership with Three UK, British tech lovers can finally get their hands on them too.

Introducing Xiaomi

Xiaomi is still a fairy new brand, founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Lei Jun. An engineer, graduate of Wuhan University and former CEO of Chinese software company Kingsoft, Lei Jun has an established career in tech, and was even named Forbes Businessman of the Year 2014.


With the belief that high-quality tech doesn't have to come with a large price tag, Xiaomi manufactures smartphones, mobile apps and other consumer electronics like smart bands, power banks and headphones for an affordable price. You'll find the company's headquarters in Beijing, and as of February 2019 Xiaomi employees 16,129 people.

How do I pronounce Xiaomi?

Not quite sure how to say Xiaomi? Don't worry, it confuses a lot of English-speaking consumers - even those in the tech industry.

The BBC Pronunciation Unit recently shed some light on how the company's name should be said, and it turns out it’s not as straightforward as you might think. Currently, there's no official way to pronounce Xiaomi in English, but the BBC recommend the following to its broadcasters.


You should say Xiaomi like SHOW-me (where the -sh noise is pronounced like ship, -ow is in now and the -ee is pronounced like that used in 'street'). Remember to place stress on the first syllable of Xiaomi too.


Since Xiaomi first launched, its handsets have been loaded with an exclusive operating system known as MIUI. Developed in-house by Xiaomi, MIUI is a type of firmware based on Google's latest operating system Android Pie, offering a customised interface and features designed to enhance the Xiaomi smartphone experience.

Pronounced MEE-yoo-eye, Xiaomi's 2019 handsets will come with MIUI 10 pre-loaded. Key features of this update include handy full screen gestures, a new look without any visual clutter, new notifications and a ton of new sounds to use for notifications, timers and alarms.


Apps will launch faster too and thanks to AI technology, Portrait Mode can now be used even if your particular Xiaomi device doesn't offer a dual-lens camera. It's easier than ever to transfer files between devices too, just use Mi Drop, which can rival Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in terms of speed.

Xiaomi Mi 8

If you love your big-screen smartphones, then the Xiaomi Mi 8 could be the device for you. Alongside a stunning, streamlined design and 6.21-inch AMOLED Full Screen display, you'll find all the latest innovations in smartphone technology, including face unlock, an AI-powered 20MP front-facing camera, a dual-lens 12MP rear camera and a super speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset.


Not enough tech for you? There's also a long-lasting 3,4000 mAh battery on board, an astonishing in-screen fingerprint scanner and support for Android Pay.

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