In one swoop, Apple gave us everything we were dreaming of. Two new iPhone models and a smart watch. The three pieces of kit will work in tandem, bringing a whole new level of interaction to Apple users.

But what is the Apple Watch and how exactly will it work with the iPhone?

What is the Apple Watch?

The new Apple Watch will be compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The device is essentially a smartwatch- similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Motorola’s Moto 360- which wirelessly connects to your smartphone.

How do I connect the Apple Watch?

It is extremely easy to link the iPhone 6 to your Apple Watch- all you need to do is switch on your phone’s Bluetooth. Your Apple Watch will be able to pick up apps, contacts and even messages allowing you to access everything you need without so much as touching your iPhone.

Though this is simple on the iPhone 6, which is already loaded with the latest version of Apple’s iOS 8, users of older iPhone handsets will need to download the new operating system before they get started.

Apple Watch features

As soon as you have got your brand new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch set up, you’ll be opened up to a whole new world of possibilities that can be performed by a flick of the wrist. Apart from the obvious- reading messages, taking calls and opening emails, what else can the Apple Watch do?

Digital Crown

The digital crown replaces the crown of a standard watch, which is traditionally used to alter the time. The digital crown on the Apple Watch, however, has a new twist and can be rotated to zoom and scroll, or can be pushed to return to the home screen.

Retina display

The Retina display has an extremely high pixel density meaning that all of your contacts and texts can be easily read at a glance. Plus, because of the digital crown, you can easily zoom in and out depending on what you’re viewing.

Force Touch

The Apple Watch can actually sense the pressure applied when you touch the screen, and this can be used to open particular actions on the device. A light swipe might open your messages menu, for example, whilst a harder tap could bring up your settings.


Although we were all very excited about the arrival of Siri on the iPhone 4s, we’ve never had a real need for the feature. Until now: as soon as you get your hands on the Apple Watch it’ll be clear why Siri was invented.

To activate the voice recognition app, you simply need to raise your arm and say ‘Hey, Siri’. That super-fine screen resolution comes into play here as you get the chance to see and hear turn-by-turn directions, stay up to date with your events, and even dictate text messages without so much as touching the watch.

This really is one area where you won’t be reaching for your new iPhone 6!

Activity App

One of the most exciting areas of interest in the mobile world is health and fitness, and the Apple Watch is leading the way.

The Apple Watch monitors your physical activity throughout the day via specially designed sensors that use infrared, visible-light LEDs and photodiodes to detect your heart rate. The iPhone 6 has a part to play here too with its GPS, accelerometer and Wi-Fi collecting all sorts of information about your physical movements.

All of this information allows the Apple Watch to provide a comprehensive picture of your day’s activity as well as suggesting customised goals to keep you motivated.

Apple Watch design

The Apple Watch comes in one of three distinct collections; Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

Dependent upon the model you choose, the watch is crafted from custom alloys of polished or space black stainless steel, space grey, or silver anodized aluminium, and 18 Karat rose or yellow gold. To compliment these faces Apple is also launching a range of straps which include many leather, stainless steel and elastomer variations.

The Apple Watch also has 11 pre-loaded digital faces to choose from and these include standard analogue faces all the way through to Astronomy faces with interactive real-time 3D models of the earth, sun, moon and planets. So whatever mood you’re in, the Apple Watch has got it covered!