The Best Android Apps of 2018

We run down the best Android apps of 2018 right here.

The Best Android Apps of 2018

2018 has been a huge year for mobile tech, with the release of three new iPhones, the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Google Pixel 3, but there’s been plenty of innovation with Android apps too. We’ve reviewed all the offerings from the past year and compiled a list of the five best from 2018.


Fortnite has undoubtedly been the standout hit of the year. It involves characters being dropped from a flying bus onto a small island, who then fight each other until one winner is left. The game has over 125 million players worldwide and is especially popular with children aged 8 to 18. What’s more, it’s completely free to download and play.


Following the success of the iOS version, which made $100 million in its first 90 days, the game was launched as an app for Android devices in Autumn 2018. The Android app isn’t directly available from the Google Play store, so to download you’ll have to visit on your smartphone’s internet browser and download and install the file to your phone from here.

Google Lens

A powerful artificial intelligence feature, Google Lens highlights the future of mobile search. Released in June 2018, the app allows you to use your smartphone’s camera to “see” what’s around you and provides information about your surroundings.


Google Lens can scan items such as landmarks, plants, books and animals and give you accurate information on the subject. You can even use the app for fashion inspiration, simply scan an item of clothing you like, and Google Lens will let you know where you can get it from. Plus, you can scan text and Google Lens will translate it for you to any language you choose.

Google Lens is currently available for select handsets, with more being added frequently.

Otter voice notes

The transcription app, Otter launched in February 2018 and works to record audio and convert speech to text on a more effective level than ever before. The app uses artificial intelligence to learn your voice and distinguish it from other speakers, helping to create seriously accurate translations.


You can then edit the translated text if needed and add your own notes and photos too. It’s a great app for the workplace, for taking notes from a meeting or call, and if you’re a journalist it’s a great tool to help you record interviews too.


The market is crowded by photo editing apps, but Filto is a new video editing app that is one of the first apps to let you add filters and effects to your videos, as well as photos. Incredibly easy to use, features include enhancing your photos and videos to high definition, adding frames, stickers and text and adjusting brightness levels.


You can also re-size your video to your preferred orientation, regardless of whether you shot it horizontally or vertically. Your Instagram posts will never be the same.

Dark Sky

This acclaimed hyperlocal weather app is hailed as one of the most precise weather apps on the market. Dark Sky uses incredible GPS tech to create a personalised forecast based on your exact location, so it can tell you the precise moment of when it is going to rain and when a shower will stop. It will also provide minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour, and lets you see the exact path of a storm in real time. It’s far from an ordinary weather app.


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