How to Upgrade with

How to Upgrade with
You don't have to have purchased from us previously in order to upgrade with us.

Whether your contract is coming to an end or you’re looking for the latest mobile phone deals, choosing to upgrade is a great option. It doesn’t matter if you bought your contract from a different retailer, as anyone can upgrade with us.

Below we take a look at the benefits of upgrading and the different networks available, here at

Why should I upgrade?

When you place an upgrade order, you’re continuing your connection with your current network provider. Upgrading your phone is the easiest way to continue your contract. By choosing an upgrade deal you don’t have to worry about transferring your mobile number to a new contract, and there will be no overlap on your bills, as when the old agreement ends, the new one starts.

An upgrade doesn’t have to be to a more advanced phone, or higher tariff. You can upgrade to the phone and tariff that’s right for you, and still keep your number. You can also choose to upgrade from SIM-Only to a handset, and vice-versa.

Here at, we’re always working to find the best upgrade deals for you. This means you can enjoy competitive prices and fantastic savings all year round, often with deals that you won’t find elsewhere. Just take a look to see what we have to offer.

Check if you’re eligible to Upgrade

A mobile phone upgrade may sound complicated but in truth it's really straight forward. When upgrading, you’ll always continue with your existing network, and your number will carry forward automatically.


Want to know if you can upgrade your phone or SIM We can let you know right away with our Upgrade Checker tool. All you have to do is fill in your details for an instant answer!

You’ll be eligible to upgrade once you reach the end of your contract However, iD Mobile users may upgrade 2 months before the end of their contract, and Vodafone users can upgrade 75 days early. If you want to upgrade before this time, you can still do so, although you will incur an early termination bill which will be equivalent to your outstanding line rental.

Can I upgrade with

Even if your last contract was purchased through a different retailer, or if you ordered directly with your network you can upgrade with us. We’re authorised resellers of major mobile networks, Vodafone and iD Mobile, so you can place your order with us in confidence.

Do I need to upgrade to the same network?

An upgrade means you are continuing with your current network provider. Therefore, if you’re currently on iD, your upgrade deal would be through iD and if you’re on Vodafone, you’d purchase a Vodafone upgrade.


However, if we don’t cover a network you are currently on there’s no need to worry, as we can still find a money-saving deal for you, by switching you over. Not only that, we’ll ensure that you keep your existing number. For more information, take a look at our guide on switching with everything you need to know about PAC and STAC.

What happens to my number?

When you upgrade, it’s your choice whether you upgrade to a SIM-Only or handset contract. Whichever you choose, it will activate with your existing number, so all your friends and family can continue to contact you as normal on your current phone number.

Handset Vs SIM Only Upgrade

When upgrading, your new plan is completely up to you. You can choose to get the latest flagship handset, or you can go for a budget-friendly phone. Similarly, you can up your monthly allowances, or choose a reduced plan if you’d rather reduce your monthly outgoings.

How to choose your next phone to upgrade to:

With a large number of handsets released, it can become overwhelming in choosing which device to choose next. We have tried to make this easier for you with our blog discussing all the brands stocked at

It’s important to note you don’t have to go to upgrade to a flagship device if you’re after a device which is more powerful. For example, if you currently own an Galaxy S10, you don’t have to upgrade to a Galaxy S24. Instead, you can upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy A54 5g which is more powerful than a S10 but classified as a mid-tier handset. This is an affordable choice which still offers more power and features than your current phone.


In fact, you don’t have to choose a new handset at all when you upgrade. If you’re happy with your current mobile or waiting for a specific handset launch you can opt for a SIM-only upgrade deal. With this choice, you’ll receive just a SIM, lowering your monthly bills, or making it more affordable for larger allowances for a similar cost.

If you select a 5G-ready handset and tariff, you can also enjoy super-fast 5G coverage with your upgrade. Vodafone and iD Mobile are some of the best 5G providers. Vodafone is also the UK’s best network by readers of Trusted Reviews.


Vodafone upgrades are available to anyone coming to the end of their existing Vodafone contract When you upgrade with Vodafone, you’ll get to continue enjoying amazing network coverage, which reaches 99% of the UK population.


Vodafone upgrade customers can enjoy a range of Entertainment plans. These plans will continue to offer subscriptions to the likes of YouTube Premium, Sky Sports Mobile and Amazon Prime. It doesn’t end there, you can also receive weekly treats thanks to ‘VeryMe’ rewards which you can find within the ‘My Vodafone’ app.

Take a look at our Vodafone blog for a run-down of the complete benefits.

iD Mobile:

iD Mobile has been a popular provider since the network launched back in 2015 When upgrading with iD Mobile, customers can still benefit from a host of extra benefits they have to offer. Whether you’re looking at reliability or affordability, iD has you covered. Enjoy 99% 4G coverage, including UK’s fastest 5G, free Data Rollover and EU Roaming all included in your contract.


Discover our iD Mobile guide for a comprehensive look into all the benefits on offer.

Things to Remember:

A common misperception is you can upgrade to any network. However, as we have discussed in this detailed guide, an upgrade means you continue your agreement on your current network, on a new contract. If you decide you want to move network, discover our handy guide on ‘The Benefits of SIM Only’, explaining everything you need when switching to a new deal.

Discover our wide range of SIM-Only and Handset upgrade deals available at

Remember, you don't need to have purchased from us previously to upgrade with us. Everyone can enjoy cheap mobile phone upgrade deals right here, as we’ve got it covered!