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Pixel 7 128GB Lemongrass (Front)
Pixel 7 128GB Lemongrass (Back)

Google Pixel 7 Deals

Colour: Lemongrass 3 Colours Available Size: 128GB 2 Sizes Available
Out of Stock

Enjoy super-smooth scrolling, gaming and movies, on the fast and responsive 6.3-inch display with our Google Pixel 7 deals. You can also make the most of an all-day battery and advanced 50MP camera dual camera, all powered by the Google Tensor G2 processor. ... Read More

Our Best Sim Free Price

Our best Google Pixel 7 SIM free deals

Everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 7

Google Pixel 7 Contracts

Featuring a generous selection of data allowances, you can discover our best Google Pixel 7 deals for you at To find out why we’re so highly recommended, just read through our amazing customer reviews and scores.

Once you’ve selected the perfect deal, you won’t have to wait long for your new device with free superfast next-day delivery as standard. If you’d prefer to combine your current SIM with the new handset, you can also buy the Google Pixel 7 SIM-free at an affordable price.

Google Pixel 7 Features

The Google Pixel 7 features the new Google Tensor G2 processor ensuring you glide through any tasks with seamless ease. The device also includes a smart adaptive battery providing all-day charge and turning on Extreme Battery Saver will help the battery last for up to 72 hours.

Enjoy smooth visuals with rich colour on the brilliant 6.3-inch FHD+ OLED display. Additionally, the device includes a 50MP dual camera ensuring you capture special memories in brilliant detail. Finally, compose messages with ease thanks to the simple Assistant Voice Typing feature.

Google Pixel 7 Camera

You can expect truly cinematic results when recording video on the Google Pixel 7. As well as a stunning 4K resolution, you can make the most of the Cinematic Blur function, which blurs backgrounds to add a big-screen aesthetic to your recordings.

You can also supercharge your selfies, thanks to a front-facing camera which now has a 92.8° ultrawide field of view, meaning you can fit more friends into the frame. Featuring a larger sensor and sharper lens, you can expect great results even in low light environments.

Google Pixel 7 Performance

Powering the Pixel 7 is the Google Tensor G2 – an advanced processor, custom-built with Google AI technology. This means a fast and efficient user experience, delivering more helpful features, reliable security, and Pixel’s best photo and video quality.

Google’s Titan M2 chip is also on board to ensure the highest level of security. It’s been tested against the same protection guidelines used for bank card security chips, giving you added peace of mind. You can also unlock the device quickly and easily with Face and Fingerprint Unlock.

Compare Pixel Range

Google Pixel 7 Google Pixel 7 Pro
6.3-inch display 6.7-inch display
50MP dual-lens camera 50MP triple-lens camera
10.8MP selfie camera 10.8MP selfie camera
4277mAh battery 5000mAh battery
5G Ready 5G Ready
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Google Pixel 6 Google Pixel 6 Pro
6.4-inch display 6.7-inch display
50MP main camera 50MP main camera
8MP selfie camera 11.1MP selfie camera
4524mAh battery 4905mAh battery
5G-Ready 5G-Ready
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What processor does the Google Pixel 7 have?

The Google Pixel 7 arrives with the new Google Tensor G2 processor to ensure the handset powers through any task with seamless ease. With the new chipset, you can expect to personalise your pictures and videos, experience accurate speech recognition, and reliable security features.

What is the battery life like on the Google Pixel 7?

The Google Pixel 7 is equipped with a powerful 4277mAh adaptive battery, which will have you enjoying your favourite apps for over 24 hours. If 24 hours isn’t long enough, you can turn on Extreme Battery Saver mode which will provide up to 72 hours of charge.

What are the best camera features on the Google Pixel 7?

The Google Pixel 7 features a brilliant 50MP dual camera lens to help you capture priceless moments in amazing clarity. Additionally, you can look forward to enhancing your pictures with Night Sight, Top Shot Portrait, and the hugely popular Magic Eraser.

Does the Google Pixel 7 have 5G?

Yes, the Google Pixel 7 is ready for next-generation connection speeds. As long as 5G is available where you are, you can wave goodbye to loading screens and browse the internet and social channels at impressive speeds.

Product Reviews


101 Reviews

We want to give our customers real advice from real customers. Highlighting the good as well as the not so good points. Our customers are kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy day to share their experience and opinions of their new smartphone, helping new customers make the right choice for them.

Google Pixel 7
Verified Buyer

I am just an average Jo, wanting an above-average phone so I'm no expert. My previous phone was a Samsung FE20, however, the Pixel 7 is my first departure away from a Samsung phone in years. The Pixel 7 camera gives me that wow feeling and makes the world look such a better place. I can't get too technical because I just about understand wireless charging, face unlock and, a great autofocus system.

The Pixel 7 phone feels, really smooth to the touch and when operating the Android software. When you consider updates come straight from Google, so I get them before Samsung or other similar devices. Another handy feature is "now playing" which allows me to identify music in a crowded and noisy space.

The Pixel 7 can be compared with phones around a thousand pounds but it does have some drawbacks such as a slippery glass back, but that can be addressed by getting a case and not much bass on the speakers, but hey for the price!

I am on a modest budget but wanted good value for money, with a bundle of features, that I have not covered here... you can check it out for yourself. Don't believe the hype, live it for real with a lot more bucks left in your pocket. Simple K.I.S.S

Verified Buyer

After researching a lot about what would be the right phone for my needs I decided on the Google pixel 7. I managed to get everything I wanted on a black Friday deal for £28 a month with extra perks. My last phone was 3 years ago and hadn't realised that new phones don't provide you with the plug, fine I thought I'll just use my own fast charging one
..well no because the fast charging cable provided was lightening to lightening so I did have to buy a plug, I did however get cashback a voucher to spend at Currys for £100 and a code provided to reduce the upfront cost by £10 so fine but still annoying as I had to wait a day for delivery.

The phone it's self is a similar size to my previous phone which was perfect for me as I like to keep them in my pocket.

The camera really is as good as I hoped which is exactly what I wanted so overall I'm really happy with my upgrade.

Verified Buyer

Once I got used to it (couple of days) this phone is superb, responsive scrolling and great photos all at a very attractive price 👍

Verified Buyer

The Pixel 7 is a great phone with many of the features my much more expensive phone (Galaxy Fold) had. It does take a while to get used to as it is not as intuitive as other Android phones but once you do get used to it it's a very powerful device, which more than meets my needs.

Battery life is good and almost constant use, it lasts the whole day which is excellent. I think the build quality is also very good and it feels like a solid phone in a small format.

So far, I am really enjoying the phone despite having been a little reluctant to go for it at first.

And at this price, it's a very shrewd investment.

Verified Buyer

The Pixel 7 128GB is a lovely phone. I like the simplicity of it and the minimalist size. I like the fact that I don't have any pre-install applications. My one negative about it is that the fingerprint reader is flaky. It doesn't work more often than it does. Though it could also be that my fingers tend to be colder, it appears, than most folks. Hopefully, this is an issue that can be fixed with an update. Despite that, so far, I am enjoying it.

Verified Buyer

Having upgraded from the OnePlus Nord, I've been a bit disappointed with the Pixel 7.

The fingerprint sensor is very unreliable and slow. The Android 13 experience has some odd design choices that hamper everyday use.

Despite being basically the same dimensions as my last handset, it feels bulky - possibly due to the camera bar on the back.

Battery life seems average, though I'm sure I'll be able to optimise with more use.

Verified Buyer

The Google Pixel 7 is a great upgrade for me. It's very quick and works on the same operating system as my old phone, so was super easy to get use to!

The rear facing camera is very good, crisp and clear photos. The inside camera is okay, but photos can be blurry if the light isn't quite right.

The battery so far has been good, lasts over a day.

I think it's a great phone overall!

Verified Buyer

I’ve had iPhones for as long as I can remember, so was a bit nervous about moving to an android device. First impressions though are very positive! I really like the phone, the camera is amazing - which is one of the main uses of my phone (having both a young child and young dog!). Still getting used to it, but so far nothing negative to report!

Verified Buyer

Bought / tried it for a whole day and field tested it against my galaxy s10.. it was better on some things but by about 2% as it has 5g and bigger battery.. I asked my self is it worth £400 for a 2% improvement? & so Returned it .The s10 is way better on more things like dual sim or sd card slimmer in your pocket and superb camera too

Verified Buyer

I don't have the 256gb snow, but the 128gb obsidian is fine. Little large for me, but I've always preferred smaller phones. And without a case it's a bit 'glassy', which looks nice but not easy to hold. Screen is good though,phone is responsive and photos look good, though not tested properly yet.