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What is 5G?

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile internet technology, offering faster speeds and greater reliability than the existing 4G network. While 4G can see speeds of up to 100MB per second, 5G is expected to reach speeds of up to 10GB per second.

In addition to faster speeds, 5G users will see less lag and drop-off in busy areas. 5G occupies higher frequencies and a larger bandwidth, which means more capacity for a large number of connections at once and will reduce network congestion.

When will 5G arrive?

5G is set to arrive in the UK for summer 2019. It will see an initial rollout covering several major cities, including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester. A second wave of cites will then follow, with much of the UK expecting coverage by 2020.

Each of the major networks will have their own rollout plans, so coverage by area will initially vary, depending on which network you choose. 5G is also being adopted internationally, with some areas of the USA already test-driving the new network.

When will 5G arrive?

Will I need a 5G enabled handset and tariff?

Will I need a 5G enabled handset and tariff??

Yes, in order to access the new super-fast 5G network, you’ll need a handset which has 5G capabilities. There are currently no 5G-ready handsets available in the UK, but if you register your interest in the form above, we’ll let you know once they’re announced.

In addition to purchasing a 5G-ready handset, you’ll need to make sure to select a 5G tariff once the service arrives. It will take a number of months before 5G is the network standard, so our deals will be marked up as either 4G or 5G tariffs.

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