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Mobile Details

To perform a check with your network we need some details about your current mobile phone contract.

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Check If You Can Upgrade. We'll Call You Back With Our Amazing Deals

Need a better suited tariff, or maybe you're looking for that brand new smart phone? It doesn’t matter if you bought your current phone contract from a different retailer, anyone can upgrade through

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Why should I upgrade?

Upgrading your phone is the easiest way to continue your contract. By choosing an upgrade deal you don’t have to worry about transferring your mobile number to a new agreement, and there will be no overlap on your bills, as the old agreement ends and the new one starts.

When you upgrade you’ll receive a new SIM to activate. It will activate with your existing number, so all your friends and family can continue to contact you as normal. You also have the option of receiving a new handset to enjoy with your new contract.

Can I upgrade with

Yes you can. It doesn’t matter if your last contract was purchased through a different retailer, or if you ordered directly with your network. We’re authorised resellers of several major mobile networks, so you place your order from us with confidence.

Here at, we’re always working to find the best upgrade deals for you. This means you can enjoy great prices and fantastic savings all year round, often with deals that you won’t find elsewhere. Just take a look to see what we have to offer.

Do I need to upgrade to the same network?

Yes, when you place an upgrade order, you’re essentially continuing your connection with your current network provider. Therefore if you’re currently on EE, your upgrade deal would be through EE. If you’re on Vodafone, you’d purchase a Vodafone, and so on.

Recently, however, our relationship with O2 came to an end. If you’re an O2 customer looking to upgrade, there’s no need to worry however, as we can still find a money-saving deal for you. Not only that, we’ll ensure that you keep your existing number

Latest upgrade handsets

When upgrading, your new plan is completely up to you. You can choose to get the latest flagship handset, or you can go for a budget-friendly phone. Similarly, you can up your monthly allowances, or choose a reduced plan if you’d rather reduce your monthly outgoings.

In fact, you don’t have to choose a new handset at all when you upgrade. If you’re happy with your current mobile, you can opt for a SIM-only upgrade deal. With this choice, you’ll receive just a SIM, lowing your monthly bills, or affording you larger allowances for a similar cost.