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Voxi SIM Only Deals

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Purchase your VOXI SIM from, and the upfront cost covers your first month of usage. After that, you can register a one month rolling subscription direct with VOXI. Enjoy endless social media and change your plan at any time.

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Best Voxi SIM Only deal
Unlimited Minutes & Texts
35GB Data
£15.00 Monthly Cost
Upfront Cost £15.00

Our best Voxi SIM Only contract deals

  • 20GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £10.00 Monthly Cost
    £10.00 Upfront Cost
    £10.00 Monthly Cost
    1 month rolling contract
  • 100GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £20.00 Monthly Cost
    £20.00 Upfront Cost
    £20.00 Monthly Cost
    1 month rolling contract
  • 35GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £15.00 Monthly Cost
    £15.00 Upfront Cost
    £15.00 Monthly Cost
    1 month rolling contract
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Everything you need to know about the Voxi SIM Only

Learn More About VOXI SIM Only Deals

Endless Flexibility

Endless Flexibility

VOXI is a network built for endless possibilities. There are three plans to choose from, which feature 20GB, 35GB or 100GB data per month, all with endless social media, calls and texts. This means you can enjoy the allowances that are right for you, at a budget-friendly price.

Monthly plans from VOXI are fully flexible, which ensures you’re always in control. Whichever plan you decide on, you’ll always have the option to pause, switch or cancel. VOXI plans roll on a monthly basis so you’re never more than 30 days away from the option to change.

Endless Social Media

Endless Social Media

With VOXI, you can enjoy your favourite social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, without using up your monthly data. There’s no need to worry about finding Wi-Fi, as you can scroll, post, update and swipe, and the data is on Voxi.

To make the most of endless social media (as well as any other video or music passes which you may have selected) you’ll just need to make sure you still have some of your regular monthly data left. Once your monthly data allowance is used up, you’ll be unable to connect to the internet.

Endless Calls & Texts

Endless Calls & Texts

Once you start up your new VOXI plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited calls and texts to UK mobile numbers. This means you’ll always be in touch with friends and family, and never have to worry about running out of the allowances that keep you connected.

What’s more, you can also enjoy unlimited picture messaging to UK numbers, without extra charge. Photograph your day and share it via text with your VOXI plan - perfect for anyone you know who isn’t on social media, but loves to stay updated.

Voxi Roaming

Endless Roaming

From the 27th May, Voxi customers will no longer benefit from free roaming. Instead Voxi will be offering bundles that customers can purchase to use when they’re abroad.

This means you can still take advantage of social media when travelling in Europe. Make your friends and family jealous with holiday snaps and updates from your trip abroad, thanks to unlimited social media data, just the same as when you’re at home.


How do I pay for VOXI?

It’s simple to sign up to VOXI. When you purchase a SIM from, you’ll receive a voucher for your first month’s usage. To continue, you just need to register for a subscription. After this, you’ll be billed every 30 days by VOXI, and can opt out at any time.

What are the best VOXI SIM only deals?

There are currently three VOXI plans available. These include a choice of 20GB, 35GB or 100GB data per month. In addition to this, you’ll receive unlimited texts, calls and picture messages, as well as endless social media data across all plans.

What does endless mean?

‘Endless’ means unlimited use. When you enjoy endless social media on VOXI, you can use Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook Messenger, all without eating into your data. However, video calls on social media are not included.

What network does VOXI use?

VOXI coverage is powered by Vodafone, so you can be sure of fast and reliable network coverage whether at home or abroad. Vodafone’s coverage stretches to a massive 99% of the UK population, covering thousands of towns, cities and villages.