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Gaming Phones

With smartphones rapidly replacing handheld consoles as the most popular gaming platforms, it’s no surprise that the landscape for gaming phones has evolved just as fast. Thanks to the widespread introduction of powerful processors, dedicated gaming modes, high refresh rates and 5G connectivity, there are plenty of superb flagships for gamers to choose from – and even a handful of midrange smartphones that won’t disappoint.
Discover the very best gaming phones the industry has to offer below, and find out exactly which specs gamers should look out for in a smartphone

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iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
6.1 inch display 6.7 inch display
12MP triple-lens camera 12MP triple-lens camera
12MP front camera 12MP front camera
2815mAh battery 3687mAh battery
5G-Ready 5G-Ready
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Find X3 Pro
Galaxy S21 Ultra
6.7 inch display 6.8-inch display
50MP quad camera 108MP triple-lens camera
32MP selfie camera 40MP front camera
4500mAh battery 5000mAh battery
5G-Ready 5G-Ready
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What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Phone



When you’re on the hunt for a gaming phone, the processor is one of the most important specs to pay attention to. To enjoy seamless, glitch-free gaming that doesn’t drain your battery, you need a smartphone with an advanced processor, such as Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Samsung Exynos 2100.

Fundamentally, the best gaming phones will contain processors that have speedy neural engines, which are capable of running billions of operations without breaking a sweat, like AI apps and graphics-intensive games.



Every smartphone gamer knows that quality viewing is key to the overall experience, and a high-definition, immersive display is a must.

When choosing your next handset, look closely at the screen-to-body ratio, as well as the display resolution (e.g. Full HD+, Super Retina, OLED) and the refresh rate. A fast refresh rate, like 90 or 120Hz, will enable your device to handle complex transitions with ease, and perform smooth-looking motion.



Smartphone memory is another factor that can make your device more suited to gaming. Many handsets come with between 4 and 8GB RAM as standard, but some more advanced devices up this number to 10 or even 12GB.

Simply put, with more RAM on board, you’ll have more virtual memory to play with, faster loading speeds and minimal lagging. More RAM also means a greater number of apps can run successfully in the background, so your handset as a whole will run more efficiently too.



Smartphone games – especially graphics-intensive ones – are notorious for draining battery life, and that’s before you’ve factored in whether you’re playing on mobile data, or using a Wi-Fi connection.

Plenty of smartphones come with sizeable batteries, like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 5000mAh battery, or the 4,500mAh battery found in the Opp Find X3 Pro. Before you buy a new handset, take a look at what mAh the battery is, the number of hours’ video and audio playback it can handle, and whether or not it has the capacity for fast charging.


Which phones are best for gaming?

If you love to game, but you’re looking for a handset that’s more of an all-rounder, take a look at devices like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max. The combine large displays, advanced processors, and heavy duty batteries, making them great all rounders.

What is the best processor for mobile gaming?

There are plenty of advanced processors on the market, but Apple and Snapdragon make some of the finest, with the most recent high-performance releases including the A13 Bionic and A14 Bionic chip from Apple, as well as the Snapdragon 888, and Samsung’s Exynos 2100.

What is the best budget phone for gaming?

While flagship phones are often the more obvious choice for smartphone gamers, there are plenty of brilliant mid-range devices that can offer a great gaming experience, at a more affordable price point. The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is an ideal budget gaming phones worth considering for 2021.

What is PUBG?

PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – a battle royale game that was originally for PCs, and can now be played on mobile. Developed by Tencent Games, PUBG is available on both Android and iOS, and is one of the most played multiplayer games in the smartphone gaming world.

Which phone is best for PUBG?

For an action-packed, last man standing game like PUBG, you’ll want a smartphone with a cinematic display, speedy refresh rate and advanced processor. You could consider premium handsets like the Samsung Galaxy 21+, or the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Which phones have 120fps?

Phones with 120fps – AKA frames per second – are usually able to achieve this due to their powerful processors, so it’s worth looking at the GPU and CPU of a handset before investing. The OPPO Find X3 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are two examples of handsets with 120fps.