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Mobile Phones for the Elderly

If you're shopping for a phone that's suitable for an older person, you're in the right place. Helping elderly friends and family to stay in touch, our recommended devices are loaded with tech that focuses on ease of use.
From bigger buttons and larger screens to louder speakers and much more, you'll find our top handset picks for the elderly below.

View Our Best Phones For Seniors

105 v5
1.77 inch display 2.8 inch display
No rear camera 5MP camera
No selfie camera No selfie camera
Physical buttons Physical buttons
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iPhone SE
Galaxy A51
4.7-inch display 6.5-inch display
12MP quad camera 48MP triple-lens camera
7MP selfie camera 32MP front camera
Touchscreen Touchscreen
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What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Phone

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

By minimising unnecessary features, and offering an easy-to-use interface, getting to grips with these phones is much easier. For example, phones like the Doro 7080 come with a basic operating system. All the essentials are clearly visible, and can be accessed in seconds. Unnecessary extras are minimised to avoid an overwhelming experience.

Design is important too. Durability protects against accidental falls, and specialised features, like the assistance button found on the side of the Doro 7080, can be extremely useful. Pressing this button in an emergency will send an automatic alert to friends and family and share the owner's location via GPS.

Big Buttons

Big Buttons

Recent smartphones tend to opt for a full-screen design, however some older people may prefer to use a handset with buttons. Familiar and more straightforward to use than a touchscreen, buttons can make a huge difference to the elderly. Take some time to consider impairments and find the right fit for the person you're shopping for.

Newer devices, like the Nokia 105 v5 and Doro 7080, have well-spaced big button keyboards. The buttons on the Doro 7080 are concealed by the flip phone design, whereas the Nokia 105 v5 has a slightly more streamlined frame with a small screen at the top and the keyboard sitting directly below it.

Large Screens

Large Screens

If visual impairments are a concern, larger screens can be extremely beneficial for the elderly. Mobile phones with large screens are easy to come by, and many offer an option to increase text size for even greater visibility. If the user is happy with a smartphone, there are some great options available.

iPhone SE, for example, has a sizable 4.7-inch screen - but still features a physical home button - combining two of our must-have features. A great size to hold comfortably in one hand, screens around this size or larger help users to view entire messages on one screen without needing to scroll or show photos in greater detail.



Both Android and iOS handsets come with a huge range of accessibility features that can be activated. For example, all iPhone models have the option to switch on Assistive Touch which creates a quick-access menu, Reachability that brings the top of the screen closer to the centre and features like Magnifier that can zoom in on small text.

Android offers plenty of features in Settings or from apps on Google Play. TalkBack can read everything on screen out loud, edit text by following voice instructions and much more, minimising the need to touch the screen. Meanwhile Braille Back - an app available on select handsets - makes it possible to enjoy the content in braille by linking up to a braille display.


Which Android phone is best for the elderly?

Doro devices, such as the Doro 7080, alongside handsets like the Alcatel 10.66, are just a handful of Android phones suitable for the elderly. If the user is happy with a smartphone, then iPhone SE has plenty of benefits to discover.

What is the easiest phone for older people?

Doro devices - like the Doro 7080 - always come with clear screens and durable, innovative designs created to assist a huge range of impairments. From louder speakers to added emergency buttons, they're a great choice.

Which iPhone is easiest to use for the elderly?

Currently, iPhone SE is the best iPhone for the elderly. It's the perfect size with a 4.7-inch screen and offers a physical home button to make navigation easy. Running on the latest version of iOS, there are endless accessibility features available with this iPhone.

What features do I need?

Consider who you're purchasing the device for, and their specific concerns. If it's an older person's first phone, keeping it simple is best. A larger screen, ergonomic, durable design and added accessibility features are all benefits.