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Latest Samsung Rumours

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was a massive hit, and there’s no doubt that Samsung have something special up their sleeve to follow it up. The new Samsung Galaxy is yet to be unveiled, but check back for the latest news, prices and tariffs as soon as they’re unveiled.

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Here’s what the experts are saying:

Galaxy S7 handsets

"The Samsung Galaxy S8 could be a huge phone in terms of impact when it appears, bringing a phone that's mostly screen with a great new design that should resonate well with consumers looking to upgrade. Given the iPhone 8 is shaping up to be something massive, 2017 looks like it's going to be something of a clash of the titans in the phone world..."

~ Gareth Beavis, Tech Radar

"There's plenty of new S8 talking points. For instance, it's expected that we'll see two distinct variants of the Galaxy S8, one small and one big…. Better still, we’re already hearing talk of Galaxy S8 specs, with rumoured features including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, a QHD display, and a very high screen-to-body ratio.."

~ Sean Keach, TrustedReviews

Samsung phones
Samsung Galaxy camera

"The Galaxy S8 will have a similar “duo pixel” camera to last year’s Galaxy S7, situated on the back of the device according to two sources, with incremental improvements to image quality, low-light performance and speed. The camera will also feature built-in object recognition, similar to Google Goggles, according to several sources…The Galaxy S8 will also come with an artificial intelligence assistant, which can perform tasks such as object recognition, using the smartphone’s camera."

~ Samuel Gibbs, The Guardian

"Samsung has the power to make a truly great phone… So far, we're liking what we hear about the follow-up to last March's Galaxy S7… The Galaxy S8 could launch as early as March 29 (it won't appear as usual at the Mobile World Congress show), and start selling mid-April."

~ Josh Miller, Cnet

Galaxy S8 release date
Galaxy S8 4K

"Enter the dawn of the 4K phone. Sure, we don't need 4K displays on such small devices - the visual benefits are negligible unless we're talking VR then they're massive…Samsung has already confirmed it's working on such tech, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 widely tipped as a launch platform for eye-melting goodness. Recent leaks have confirmed this is all but a certainty too, with VR the driving force behind its addition."

~ Luke Johnson, Digital Spy