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Available free with a phone contract.Looking to buy a tablet? We’ve got an incredible range of tablets for sale, including Apple, Android and Amazon.You can either pay in one go or get a tablet free with your phone contract, whichever suits you best.


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Whether you enjoy casual web browsing on the sofa or a spot of light reading in the bedroom, there's plenty of reasons to own a tablet. Thinner, lighter and with a longer lasting battery charge squeezed within, tablets are very portable and make great replacements to laptops.

Most asked questions

Which screen size should I buy?

Most tablets have screen sizes between 7 and 10 inches. If portability is your priority, buying a smaller screen sized tablet will be lighter and more convenient to carry around.

If you want the best performance, the larger tablets and iPads tend to have greater specs. These are perfect if you're loading intensive apps or want to watch video on an amazing display.

How do iPads and Android tablets differ?

One of the biggest difference between Apple iPads and Android tablets is the software. The iPad uses iOS bringing you an easy to use software experience with loads of great apps. Customers who buy Android, get more integrated access with leading Google features such as Google Now and Google Play. These open-sourced tablets are easier to personalise, with less restrictions on customising and adding widgets.

Can a tablet take phone calls?

Yes, some tablets come with a SIM tray, so you'll be able to make calls just like a smartphone. iPads do not have mobile phone capabilities.

Of course, if you're connected to Wi-Fi, you could always video call a smartphone through apps such as Skype and FaceTime.

How do tablets connect to the internet?

Whether you want to download content from the App Store or just catch up on the news on your tablet, you're going to need an internet connection. Some tablets accept sim-cards, look in the product specs for 3G or 4G connectivity. The most common connectivity is through Wi-Fi which doesn't require a data contract.

Miles away from your Wi-Fi connection? Don't fear, if you have a smartphone close to hand, you can pair up the two devices wirelessly and use your mobile internet plan on a tablet. It's known as tethering, but be warned unless you're on an unlimited data plan it could get expensive.

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Award winning

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21 years online

With almost two decades experience, we were the UK's first online mobile retailer and we're here to stay.

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