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Mobile only occupations

Penned by
Rob Hodges


Today's employment landscape is vastly different to how it would have once looked. These days, the vast majority of workers conduct their day jobs at a computer, be they telemarketers, copywriters, designers, or even till operators. Nevertheless, progress being what it is, there's a new technology on the block that's once again shaking up the way we perceive and undertake our careers: smartphones.

There's a host of occupations people can do these days using nothing but a smartphone, but what are they? How do mobile-only careers work in practice?


Stock trading

Stock trading

With a number of apps hitting the digital marketplace that allow individuals to check and sell stocks, anyone can get up-to-the-minute information on the markets, responding to changes in stocks and acting accordingly.

A word of warning though: mobile traders need to be careful that their internet connection isn't spotty, or money could easily be lost from a lack of information.


Gig promoters and event organisers can both easily run their business from just their smartphones.

Although flyers, posters, and meetings all still form a large part of the job, social media is proving to be an ever-larger aspect of the promo process, and as a result the majority of events work can easily be done over the internet through a smartphone.

People dancing


Camera men

Smartphone cameras are more powerful than they have ever been, offering up all sorts of options for photojournalists looking for their next capture.

The portability, inconspicuousness, speed of use, and sheer control over the image that smartphones and photographic apps give their users is enormous, letting anyone with a flair for photography practice and perfect their craft.

Independent retail

Many stores today are using iPads and smartphones as their primary means for totting up the prices of orders, ordering shipments, and answering customer queries.

Although an online or offline backup facility is an absolute must, it gives shop owners flexibility in the running of their businesses, stopping the need for meticulous record-keeping and allowing them to run their premises in a more fluid fashion.


Language tuition

language tuition

As online communication services such as Skype have shot to prominence globally, language tutors are using these free online tools as a means to teach others languages for a living.

Almost-face-to-face lessons can also be backed up by online study tools as well, allowing the entire learning process to take place over smartphones or tablets.

Freelance writing

With a smartphone loaded with a word processing application, anyone can write stories, blog posts, and articles, sending these to clients and employers over the handset's in-built Wi-Fi or 4G connection. If you're adept in tapping on a touchscreen, this occupation can be assumed from practically any location.

freelance writing