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Our Best Contract Phone Deals

Browse our range of pay monthly contracts, compare cutting-edge smartphones and find the perfect mobile tariff for you. Read more

contract phones
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The Benefits of Contract Phones

A contract phone is the most popular type of deal to purchase on the market. It allows you to pay monthly for a brand new handset with an allowance of minutes, texts and yummy data.

Compare manufacturers

Mobile manufacturers

With so many different mobile manufacturers to choose from, you can be sure to find the pay-monthly phone that's right for you. The first thing to decide is which operating system you prefer. If you're an Apple fan, then you'll love iOS, Microsoft phones offer the Windows experience, while the remaining manufacturers all produce Android handsets, the most widely used mobile OS in the world.

Whether you're looking for a contract phone with cutting-edge specs, or a mid-range mobile that can operate on a budget, compare our leading manufacturers to discover a range of devices that will suit any pocket. With big brands constantly trying to outdo each other in terms of high-tech security, stunning displays and advanced cameras, there's never been a better time to browse the full range of mobile manufacturers on the market.

Network comparison

When taking out a contract, your choice of which network to go with can depend on a couple of factors. The first is network coverage in your area. The big networks generally cover the majority of the country, but if you live in a slightly remote location, or feel you may be in a black spot, it can't hurt to check the coverage available in your area before purchase.

The second aspect is to compare is the network perks available. If you love weekly freebies and priority gig tickets, check out O2. Football fans can make the most of EE's partnership with Wembley for upcoming events. Vodafone customers enjoy free Wi-Fi on the London Underground, while iD Mobile pride themselves on budget tariffs.

Keeping track of costs

Listening to music

Whether you're an avid Instagrammer, a serial Google Maps route planner, or you just need to be able to send messages and make calls without worrying about the individual cost per minute spent chatting, you might find that a contract phone is a much better use of your hard-earned cash. What's more, with a contract phone, you'll have your pick of all the latest handsets.

Take control

If you like to have control over what you're spending on internet, texts and calls each month, taking out a contract is likely to be the most cost-effective way of managing your phone use.

When making a comparison, mobile internet is much less costly on a contract, and you'll be able to get a modern handset within the monthly charge too - a much more affordable way of keeping up with tech over buying a new handset outright.

Data usage chart

What do I get for my money?

Inserting a SIM card

Each contract is different from the next, which gives you the flexibility to compare deals and find the one that's perfect for you. Heavy callers might benefit from unlimited minutes, whereas social media aficionados might benefit from having a few extra GB of internet.

This monthly cost will also depend on the phone you choose. In some cases, there might be a small upfront cost for the handset, whereas others include the cost of the phone across the duration of your contract. Put simply, there's a mountain of choice out there, so it's vital you do the homework to figure out with plan suits you best.

Is a contract phone deal right for me?

You get a brand new phone at the beginning of each contract, and if you are loyal to your network provider, they will often give you rewards as a thank you for staying with them. All you have to do is choose your desired phone and tariff and set-up a payment method and you're ready to go; your phone will even get delivered right to your door.

Once you're set up, you pay your monthly rate and you can enjoy a brand new mobile phone to your heart's content. Towards the end of your contract, you will be offered an upgrade. This means you can pick a new phone with a new tariff, and you get to keep your old handset, or you can stick with your current deal.

Choice of phones
Rob - mobiles.co.uk

Compare contract phones

Pay Monthly

Choose your desired phone and tariff and set-up a payment method and you're ready to go. There's no need to top-up and you can upgrade every 24 months or earlier depending on your network.


Pay as you go is great if you don't want to be tied into a contract, however, you'll have to pay for the handset upfront and top up as you go.

Advantages of a contract

Contact phone benefits

You often don't have to pay for a brand new phone - Depending on the phone and tariff you choose you might not have to pay a penny up front. You only need to pay the monthly bill and you get the handset for free.

No need to top-up - Your limits are set up to your contract, so you won't need to go and top-up your allowances. Just keep in mind if you go over your limit you will have to pay extra charges on top of your monthly bill.

You can get a free gift - Some contracts come with up-front cash back, others with cash back redemption and some even come with gifts ranging from flat screen TVs to the latest games consoles.

Freshen up- At the end of your contract you're eligible to upgrade where you can receive a brand new handset for free without any hassle. Simply choose the new model you want and pick your new tariff.

Sound good? Go ahead and browse our contract phone deals


How long will my contract last?

Each tariff is different, so lengths of contracts vary. Typical contract lengths are 18 and 24 months.

What's the catch with free gifts?

You can get extra value buy adding a free gift. There is no catch. Why not check out our guide to free gifts.

Any hidden charges to worry about?

Your network may increase your monthly cost with rise in inflation. But don't worry, they will give you plenty of notice beforehand.

What about upgrades?

At the end of your contract you can get a new phone, as well as keep your old one. Find out when you can upgrade.

Round up

Taking out a contract phone can easily be the best way of managing your phone costs, but it's essential to do your research and make comparisons to make sure that the deal you're interested in works for you.

Samsung smartphone

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