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Sony Mobile Phone Deals

High-quality cameras and innovative tech are key Sony features. With affordable and premium devices, we'll have a Sony contract that's ideal for you.

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Sony Smartphones

Sony smartphones

Sony was first known for their collaboration with Ericsson, with the two forming together to release several revolutionary smartphones. The pair introduced the very first 8MP camera to the market, raising the standards of smartphone cameras.

The evolution from Sony Ericsson to Sony occurred in 2011, and the split came after more than a decade as partners. The Japanese company went on to produce smartphones alone, recently releasing the flagship Sony Xperia range.

Why Choose Sony?

Why Choose Sony?

Sony are well-known for infusing cutting-edge displays, advanced tech and impressive cameras into its devices. Every model assures quality, longevity and a fantastic user experience, and no matter what your budget.

Continuously striving to challenge the smartphone market, many of Sony's latest devices offer ground-breaking technology. From the budget friendly Sony Xperia L4, to the premium Sony Xperia 5, there’s something for everyone.

Sony Xperia Features

Xperia Features

Our Sony Xperia smartphone range offers a seamless Android experience across a range of premium and affordable releases. With so much experience across a wide range of consumer electronics, Sony know how to evolve the smartphone.

Whether it’s the first ever 4K HDR display on a smartphone, or super-slow motion video recording, Xperia smartphones are bursting with innovation. Sony also use their Bravia TV expertise to ensure eye-popping cinematic displays.

Cheap Sony Phones

Cheap Sony Phones

Sony also offer a range of budget-friendly smartphones, which give customers the opportunity to enjoy impressive features on a reduced price-tag. These handsets are generally releases as part of Sony’s L Series.

The most recent release in the L Series is the Sony Xperia L4. Available at a seriously affordable price, this device still manages to cram in a widescreen 6.2-inch HD display, fingerprint security, and a 13MP triple-lens camera.