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Sony mobile phone contracts

Sony Mobile Phone Deals

High-quality cameras and innovative tech are key Sony features. With affordable and premium devices, we'll have a Sony contract that's ideal for you.

  • Deal
    £20.00 per month

    £175.00 upfront cost

    Code DROP10 for £10 OFF upfront
    £20.00 per month

    £175.00 upfront cost

    Code DROP10 for £10 OFF upfront
    £20.00 per month

    £175.00 upfront cost

    Code DROP10 for £10 OFF upfront
  • Deal
    £26.00 per month

    £150.00 upfront cost

    Code DROP10 for £10 OFF upfront
    £26.00 per month

    £150.00 upfront cost

    Code DROP10 for £10 OFF upfront
    £11.00 per month

    Save £192 Cashback by redemption  

    £19.00 per month

    £9.99 upfront cost

    £17.00 per month

    Save £168 Cashback by redemption  

    £17.00 per month

    Save £168 Cashback by redemption  

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Discover Sony smartphones

What are the best features of Sony Xperia phones?

Best Sony features

Our Sony Xperia smartphone range offers a seamless Android experience across a range of premium and affordable releases. From the advanced Xperia XZ Premium, to the budget friendly Xperia XA, we have a Sony mobile phone deal that's right for you.

With so much experience across a wide range of consumer electronics, Sony know how to evolve the smartphone. Whether its the first ever 4K HDR display on a smartphone, or super-slow motion video recording, Xperia smartphones are bursting with innovation. The Sony Xperia XZ and XZ Premium even offer waterproof protection; allowing you to submerge the phone underwater for up to 30 minutes.

You can receive a free Sony smartphone with many of our mobile phone contract deals. Buy today to enjoy the Sony experience.


Before 2011, Sony was known for their collaboration with Ericsson, with the two forming together to release several revolutionary smartphones. The pair introduced the very first 8MP camera to the market, raising the standards of cameras on mobile phones worldwide. The Cybershot range was a major success, and Sony Ericsson became known for its superior quality cameras and innovative designs.

The evolution from Sony Ericsson to Sony occurred in 2011, and the split came after more than a decade as partners. The Japanese company went on to produce smartphones alone, recently releasing the newest flagship Sony Xperia range. Powered by Android, and featuring Sony's Bravia TV technology, its latest models are a major competitor in the smartphone market.

Sony overview

Why choose Sony?

Reasons to choose Sony?

Sony are well-known for infusing cutting-edge displays, advanced tech and impressive cameras into its devices. Every model assures quality, longevity and a fantastic user experience, and no matter what your budget - whether you opt for the advanced Xperia X and Z range or choose an affordable Xperia E5 - Sony phones promise to always deliver.

Continuously striving to challenge the smartphone market, many of Sony's latest devices offer ground-breaking technology. Known for their impressive camera quality, the Xperia X and Z range really raise the bar by offering the same lenses from their digital cameras in their smartphones. The new XZ and XZ Premium can also survive harsh conditions, and can endure most weather with waterproof features.

Special Features

  • Exmor Sensor: Many Sony phones feature Exmor technology, enabling phones to capture HDR photos and videos. HDR photos capture natural colours in any light, allowing users to take beautiful images even in high contrast situations. Brightly lit rooms aren't a challenge for this new sensory technology and the sensor also improves image quality and functionality while reducing image size.
  • Triluminos and 4K displays: The Xperia Z range features a display that's as vivid and sharp as a HDTV screen. Advised by expert TV engineers, the display of the Xperia XZ phones is as clear as it possibly can be, with a Triluminos display and 424 ppi pixel density. The XZ Premium goes one further with a 4K HDR screen.
  • OptiContrast :OptiContrast technology eliminates a layer of air between the LCD panel and the protective glass screen. The result is a less reflective, more responsive touch screen.
  • PS4 Play : Available on the Xperia X, Z3, Z4 and Z5, you can now play your PS4 remotely from your device.
Sony smartphone accessories

The Latest Sony Releases

Latest Sony phones
  • Xperia XZ - Waterproof, dust-tight and home to a 23MP camera with laster autofocus, the Xperia XZ is a smartphone all tech-lovers will instantly flock to.
  • Xperia XZ Premium - Premium in every sense of the word, this supercharged version of the XZ upgrades the display to 4K HDR, and also includes an advanced Motion Eye camera.
  • Xperia XA - Sony's impressive mid-range device, the Xperia XA boasts an incredible 13MP camera, a 5-inch HD display and a powerful 2300mAh battery that promises long-lasting endurance.
  • Xperia E5 - A reliable, durable phone that features a wonderful 13MP camera, battery-saving technology and a sleek, modern design for a truly affordable price.

Round up

With a vast range of premium to budget devices, Sony is a manufacturer that strives to bring high-quality tech to everyone. If you're on the market for a reliable smartphone from an established, pioneering manufacturer then one of our Sony contract phones might be exactly what you're looking for.

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